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NCS Script

HC-ARES VHF Net Control Script

by N4COY, - February 5, 2013 - V2.6

Updated by NF1L - February 8, 2018 - V3.3


Why do we have a Net Script?

Because we need to train communicators in the basics of net operation.  Our script is a basic script intended to be used by new Net Control Operators as well as experienced.

If all Net Control Operators use the same script then new members will become familiar with normal net operations.  When a new Net Control Operator sees the script they are already familiar with its layout and usage.  Over time we want all members to be a qualified Net Control Operator.

We realize that during an exercise, a Simulated Emergency Test, a Public Service Event, and a real Emergency Operations then the nets are managed differently.  But our training script is intended to make our members comfortable with basic net operations.


VHF Net Protocol
VHF Net Control Roster

Review HC-ARES VHF Net Protocol for additional information.


Prior to start of net, NCS checks for other stations requiring use of repeater/frequency. NCS checks if the ANCS is on frequency. If the ANCS is not, ask for a volunteer.


This is [FCC call sign], Net Control for the weekly Hillsborough County ARES Training Net. [FCC call sign] is the Alternate Net Control. If there is no ANCS, ask for a volunteer. All interested radio Amateurs are invited to participate.


This is a directed net. Any station with traffic or comments will contact net control prior to contacting another station.


When checking in, state "this is" immediately followed by your tactical call. For this net, unless otherwise assigned, your tactical call is your FCC Call using standard ITU phonetics. State "Digital" if you have FLDIGI capability and "Traffic" only if you have a real or training message to pass.


Mobile stations, check in now.


Wait about five seconds after last checkin heard to avoid missing a station and then acknowledge mobile stations.


This is net control, roger the following...


All other stations, check in now.


Wait about five seconds after last checkin heard to avoid missing a station. NCS then acknowledges each station that checked in by its tactical call and if it is digital or has traffic.


This is net control, roger the following... Are there any checkins that were not recognized? If so, check in now.


Do not continually ask for checkins, after last acknowledgement, state:


This is net control, [FCC call sign].


If a station has traffic, NCS asks that station to list it - precedence, destination, mode (digital, voice). NCS takes appropriate action for passing the traffic


This is [FCC call sign], Net Control. Are there any ARES related announcements, comments, or training for the net? Call signs.


NCS calls on stations for announcements, comments, or training.


Net Control picks one of the following as appropriate:
•This net meets again next Monday on the N1IMO repeater system. NCS is [FCC call sign]
•This net meets next Monday on the WW1Y repeater. NCS is [FCC call sign]
•This net meets on Simplex next Monday on Hillsborough Simplex Frequency. NCS is [FCC call sign]

This is Net Control closing this session of the Hillsborough County ARES Training Net.


As appropriate...

Thanks to Bernie, N1IMO, Tom, AC1J, or Jim, WW1Y for the use of their repeater. The repeater is now returned to normal Amateur use.

[FCC call sign].

updated February 8, 2018


Sept 16                 W1PK, N1IMO

Sept 23                 W1YQ, N1IMO

Sept 30                 KB1SWW, N1IMO

Oct 7                     K1RAN, N1QC

Oct 14                   KC1COF, N1IMO –Hollis EOC

Oct 21                   KB1SWW, N1IMO

Oct 28                   W1YQ, Simplex

Nov 4                    KA1IJN, N1QC

Nov 11                  KC1EAN, N1IMO – Merrimack EOC

Nov 18                  K9NPD, Simplex

Nov 25                  NF1L, WW1Y

Dec 2                    K1EHZ, N1QC

Dec 9                    W1EAA, N1QC – Manchester EOC

Dec 16                  K9AEN, N1IMO

Dec 23                  NA1T, N1QC

Dec 30                  K9NPD, N1IMO


Remember NCSs need to make a net report to nf1l@arrl.net

If you are scheduled as next weeks NCS you are the ANCS this week

updated 9/14/19

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