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The May meeting will be Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm on Zoom. The topics will be a rundown on the PAC-10 Road Races some of our members provided communications for and the issues that we had.  It went well but we learned some lessons.  Join us when we share those lessons  Also Flamp, Fldigi and Winlink info.


The agenda and video links for the four monthly meetings on Fldige we just completed are listed below.  As a member of ARES, you should know how to use Fldigi.  This is a complete training program on that topic.


NBEMS Training Plan

  • Session 1- January 12  Link  https://youtu.be/uiAfZiWLZH4
    • Download and configure FLdigi, FLmsg and FLamp on the computer
    • Download and configure Virtual Audio Cable
    • Discuss sound cards for interfacing computer and radio (needed for Session 4)
    • Homework - Open FLdigi and explore its features, click on macros, review Configuration menu features and Op Mode menu features
  • Session 2 – February 9  Link  https://youtu.be/3K6PJ-vC7QM
    • Communicate with FLdigi over the Zoom connection using the computer keyboard and simple macros
    • Download Hillsborough County ARES macros from Digital tab on k1hil.org
    • Homework - Practice using macros. Click on them to see what they do. Right click on them to see how they are structured.
  • Session 3 – March 9  https://youtu.be/sigMoaoY8AE 
    • Prepare an ICS-213 using FLmsg
    • Conduct a regular digital net over Zoom
    • Homework - Practice writing ICS-213 messages and "transmit" them through FLdigi
  • Session 4 – April 13  https://youtu.be/FZxrSzMIlSQ  
    • Transition what is learned during Zoom training to 2m FM
    • Connect and configure sound card
    • Conduct a digital net on CH51

For the last session please review the PDF at the following link:




Before using Fldigi for the first time, please download the latest software files for your computer from this web page




Also download Virtual Audio Cable driver from this web page





If you are new to this group or don’t have the Zoom information, please contact Jack, NF1L at nf1l@arrl.net for the link.



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