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For NBEMS Infromation and Software down Loads go to



Current NH ARES standard versions are:


FLdigi        4.1.13

FLwrap      4.3.7

FLmsg       4.0.15

FLamp       2.2.05


Also NBEMS Custom Forms should contain:




NH Hospital version of HICS-213
HTML document [2.5 KB]
NH version of ICS-213
HTML document [38.6 KB]
HC-ARES Macros V09E013
After downloading change *.txt to *.mdf
Text document [9.6 KB]
Check List
This is Check List macro in printable format. Also there is a macro in line two for the user to define.
operator checklist.txt
Text document [1.2 KB]
Winlink Power Point
This is Jay Taft's presentation from the last Zoom meeting
HC ARES Winlink Global Email 7.12.2020.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.6 MB]
Fldigi Net Control Stations

                             NCS       ANCS

Jun 21                    WA1EYF – NF1L

Jun 28                    NF1L – K1EHZ

Jul 5                  No net – Extended July 4th

Jul 12                 K1EHZ – NF1L

Jul 19                  NF1L – WA1EYF

Jul 26                  WA1EYF – K1EHZ

Aug 2                   K1EHZ – NF1L

Aug 9                   NF1L – WA1EYF

Aug 16                 WA1EYF – K1EHZ

Aug 23                 K1EHZ – NF1L

Aug 30                 NF1L – WA1EYF

Sep 6                   No Net - Labor Day

Sep 13                  K1EHZ – NF1L

Sep 20                  NF1L – WA1EYF

Sep 27                  WA1EYF – K1EHZ


Remember NCS's need to make a net report to nf1l@arrl.net

updated 3/9/2021

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